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Low intensity practice follows trainee’s  physical abilities and supports healing efforts. 

Strengthens and regulates life energy ( QI ), while removing obstacles from its flow, encouraging positive health effects.

Simple methods of self-massage, stretches and acupoint stimulation

for specific health ailments.

Restores vitality and supports a positive attitude to life in general it is an

aging defying practice.

The movements are very elegant, flowing as it manifest the

QI Flow but It  allows to address specifically the health

issues we experience.

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Free Flow Yang Qi Gong

Meet Andrzej and explore training further before committing to Qi Gong.

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Free Flow Class

Builds up individual physical fitness, and releases stress and negative emotions.

Yang Gong training is based on a martial art tradition, although it does not include the fighting  applications.

Training techniques include all elements necessary for strength building and stress relief.

Methods for discharging emotions through fast and strong physical practice.