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Shiatsu is a method of working with one’s body with the aim of achieving a stage of great health and internal well-being. Well beyond traditional concepts of massage, it offers a high level of personalization as each session works in response to the current stage of a patient’s health to lessen pre-existing ailments and to create a sense of relaxation which is often deeper than one might expect.

Shiatsu practitioners are trained to sense and follow the body’s energy flow. Proceeding slowly and smoothly, a Shiatsu massage therapist explores the body landmarks, sensing tensions and energy blockages and working to release them. This knowledgeable touch helps to create feelings of comfort and relaxation.

Encountering energy blockages, the practitioner will gently, smoothly and patiently work around the obstacles until energy flow is restored in each area.

As this occurs, the rhythm of breathing slows down, random thoughts cease to appear, and a sense of serene, joyful, and meditative bliss begins to take over. The effects last long after the session is over and, if repeated, will gradually improve one’s ability to stay relaxed and better cope with daily stresses.

Shiatsu session are practiced either on the massage table or on a futon on the floor. The receiver of the massage is fully clothed, sometime even wrapped in a light blanket to support the feeling of comfort and safety.

Practice can be hard to pin down

The Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare defines Shiatsu as “a form of manipulation administered by the thumbs, fingers and palms without the use of instruments …to apply pressure to the human skin to correct internal malfunction, promote and maintain health and treat specific diseases.”

As is usually the case with short descriptions, they are somewhat limiting. Behind that definition hides much more. Though a longer definition would also help illuminate the practice, the direct experience is the best way to understand its benefits. There is no such thing as a uniform, one-size-fits-all Shiatsu. Though that makes defining Shiatsu difficult, it is also what creates the value of it as an individualized healing art in response to the needs of each patient. Following general rules of energy flow, the Shiatsu practitioner creates a tailor-made, individual healing session each time.

One day from Shiatsu practice

One person came in for the first time, while the other was a long-term Shiatsu receiver. The first person’s main complaint was a tension in the shoulder and a feeling of being tight and somehow restrained. Her physical body was on the flexible side, with detectable tension indeed only located in the shoulder and neck. As the session proceeded, we ran across a very tight area around the kidney in the lower back. Continuing, we also found tenderness in the upper part of the front of her chest. Stimulating that area brought up a lot of emotion, almost bringing her to tears. It took quite a while to stabilize the emotions, but she left the treatment room with a beautiful, relaxed smile on her face, as many trapped emotions had been released.

The other person had a situation which, a few weeks ago, put a physical strain on her lower back. After two sessions, we had her back strength and comfort restored yet she started to experience a funny feeling in her neck. I had spent most of the session time rebalancing and gently adjusting the lower part of the spinae, putting special attention on her psoas muscles’ tension adjustment. I treated the neck very gently, mainly emitting energy and avoiding stronger physical pressure or stretching. The treatment was successful, she gets back to her life routines.

That is just in one day of the practice proving one more time that Shiatsu could help with broad variety of emotional and physical health issue . Fees / availability

Single 90 min session on the table cost is $95. Sessions are available by appointment only.

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