Qi Gong – Slow Down that Nasty Aging

The Qi Gong lifestyle means to be: peaceful, relaxed and worry-free, yet strong enough to successfully cope with life’s challenges. A Qi Gong practitioner experiences an increase in focus, concentration, short-term memory. One’s physical body and emotional balance also improve with practice.

Balance is the key word to a successful Qi Gong lifestyle.

To be balanced does not mean to be limited, it means knowing there is an effect after every cause. Perfectly illustrated by the Yin/Yang symbol, we will come back to the topic of balance later in the article.

When the gift of life is given to us, it is coming in a package that includes so many elements that together make us human. One of these elements is a lifetime of lasting good health. The majority of us enjoy good health for most of our lives which can cause us to take it for granted.

For every machine, the source of power is critical. Your phone is running well if the battery lasts.

The same is true with our bodies, our battery being inborn Qi energy. Though we have a lot when we are born, it is not inexhaustible. As a life progresses, we are gradually exhausting our energy. Qi Gong offers an understanding of that process and provides methods to slow down the depletion of our internal energy. Compared to a lay person, a Qi Gong practitioner uses their energy in thoughtful way, replenishes it, and the effects can be seen in a person’s physical health, making them appear younger than what one might typically imagine for somebody of a particular age.

Acting on a higher energy level means health, wellbeing, a positive attitude, and intellectual creativity. The list of benefits goes on, and additional details can be found on posts at my website, www.healingtouchhealingmovement.com. To put it simply - you can have the energy to act and live as though you were 10 years younger at the least.

The Yin/Yang symbol is a genius way of explaining life. Balance of centrifugal and gravity forces is what keeps all of the known universe together. That’s why The Earth and Moon are joined together, it’s why the solar system and galaxies exist. On the small, night comes after day and there is a need for rest after activity. I will stop for a while to look at this. Yang in the symbol means action, achievement, effort to achieve and joy of an achievement. We look for that and crave it. In our euphoric moments of success, it is so easy to forget that the Yin element is what the Yang builds to. Yang is success, which is exhaustive, so it turns into Yin – a replenishing of our internal resources. As in finance, Yang is a venture that has been capitalized on, but Yin, or “funding”, is needed to make it a reality. That is clear when talking about finances. The picture however is a bit different when talking about our health.

We take our health for granted. Health is the horse which gets us to success. We provide basic nutrition for it, and it must be ready to carry us on our life journeys. Medicine can provide some of the solutions for its malfunctioning. The horse, in a Yang sense, gets us places. But there is also the Yin element to remember. Yang actions consume the Yin’s ability to support, and our energy, just as an aging horse, is quietly yet constantly diminishing to the point that we can start to feel its absence. So-called midlife crises are moments when we arrive at a warning sign that our Yin energy is depleting adversely. There is not enough to so support your Yang life style is the message our bodies and minds send us. If we ignore it, the bell to replenish our energy will ring more and more. Seeking to fix specific symptoms can only go so far, as they do not address the true reason for such a breakdown - diminishing levels of internal Qi.

That is where Qi Gong comes into play. It addresses the energetic reason directly, raises one’s energy level, and teaches us how not waste our daily energy energy in order to maintain physical and mental balance. With practice, working with our energy benefits us with a positive, youthful attitude, a more resistant immune system, and a stronger, healthier body and mind.

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